Christopher Berry is Webkil’s web developer. Chris was born to perform. From an early age, the world has been a stage for his musical skills. Over the last decade, he has served as the frontman for two West Coast bands—Slow Nerve Action and Jackfruit. To pay the bills, Chris completed a diploma in web programming and is now as proficient in site coding as he is in stage strutting. Chris is strongly lobbying Webkil to recognize his sequined jumpsuits as appropriate attire for casual Fridays.


Ben Greenberg is Webkil’s graphic designer. He grew up with a paintbrush in his hand and attained a degree in fine art from the University of Guelph. In the early ‘00s, his interests broadened and he completed a graphic design diploma from Humber College in Toronto. Ben’s canvases now cover computer screens and the walls of discerning art afficionados across Canada. His first original artwork has been described as “the centrepiece of my permanent collection” by his mom.